Using Big Data to Achieve Big Results

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Data is growing exponentially. By 2020 we will have created 43 trillion gigabytes of big data*. The modern data center requires accessible and scalable storage solutions to handle this data, but storage is not the only issue. There is big value in this big data and extracting that value requires the correct Enterprise Information Management and Data Management tools. The application of best-in-class Enterprise Information Management allows a business to use this data to gather valuable business insights.

*IBM, The Four V’s of Big Data

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The Benefits of Using Enterprise Information Management

The benefits of utilizing effective data management and modern storage solutions include:

Flexibility and Power

Modern servers are more streamlined, more powerful, and more multipurpose than ever before.

Fast & Efficient Access

Good data management allows for efficient access to that data.


Having rules that handle quality, data aggregation, and linking ensures the data is consistent.


The system will be designed to ensure that personal data is protected and conforms to regulatory requirements on data handling and storage.

Getting Results from Data Management

Using a robust Data Management architecture offers a multitude of business benefits. Understanding the data you gather and generate, gives your organization insight and knowledge. To gain benefit from data, an enterprise should use a consolidated data infrastructure, built for optimal performance. This type of system will reduce the duplication of staff and make data access and analysis more efficient. 

Applying Enterprise Information Management to Optimize Data Delivery Needs

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Red8 leads the way in providing storage solutions that scale to fit any size enterprise. Our understanding of architectural options in data storage means that you get the exact data delivery needed for your particular organization. Our clients, across all industries and sectors, have used Red8 to provide the best in data storage and return time and time again as their needs evolve and increase exponentially.

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