Network Assessment Services

Discover the current state of your network and identify opportunities to improve and fortify it.

Network Infrastructure Assessments Lead to Awareness, Comprehensive Understanding, and an Actionable Plan

Enterprise networks are a critical part of digitally transformed businesses with hybrid working models, including remote work. Network assessments help organizations better understand their network infrastructure state, overcome challenges, optimize operations, and ensure optimal performance.

Red8’s network assessments are designed to provide a comprehensive and objective review of your network infrastructure. Our team of networking experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your entire environment, network architecture, configuration, evaluation of network design, and security to identify opportunities for network infrastructure optimization.

Network assessments zero in on network infrastructure health and provides a detailed roadmap for your business strategy, and future technology upgrades.

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Optimize Operations with a Comprehensive Network Assessment

As network performance impacts productivity and profits, it demands in-depth analysis

Our comprehensive analysis focuses on your current infrastructure management protocols, wireless network infrastructure, network design, and infrastructure capabilities. Our approach to comprehensive network infrastructure assessment is conducted in three phases:


Our assessments help identify potential risks and performance issues and pinpoints opportunities to optimize operations and reduce complexity. This approach helps organizations discover unnecessary devices clogging enterprise networks and regulatory compliance bottlenecks and provides a “big picture” of your network state and environment.


The Assessment phase is where we evaluate the discovered data in relation to operations, performance, and best practice to identify inefficiencies, performance issues, mis-configurations, trouble spots and formulate a remediation plan. Our consultants will also run remote discovery meetings to discuss challenges, review current network management systems and documentation, and make final recommendations.


Once our recommendations are discussed and agreed upon, Red8’s skilled technical team of professionals will come to your location, work closely with you, and deploy recommended remediations while ensuring little to no downtime and business continuity.

Ensure Uptime and Continuous Operations

With a comprehensive network assessment, you will know exactly what your network consists of and the different elements that are slowing it down. Engaging in regular network and security audits will not leave your enterprise network performance or security up to chance. This approach is vital to detecting, diagnosing, and resolving internal and external issues to get the most out of your networking environment.

We consider your network infrastructure, wireless infrastructure, and incorporates viable solutions into legacy environments. Our expert risk assessments and optimization recommendations include hybrid cloud evaluations, and critical hardware replacement recommendations.

Optimize Your Networking Infrastructure for Growth and Success


Whether you are looking to improve your network performance, cloud readiness posture, or IT maturity, we will take the guesswork out of your network optimization project. By engaging our seasoned technical team of experts, you can make proactive improvements that perfectly align with your present and future technology goals.

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Red8 Recognized on CRN’s 2024 MSP 500 List in the Elite 150 Category

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