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With these managed IT services you can save valuable resources and time

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Red8s experts provide streamlined services to your IT infrastructure

Many organizations have areas of their IT infrastructure that do not justify full-time resources to support. Some of these organizations attempt to make do with in-house resources, whether they use System Administrators, Network Administrators, IT generalists or Developers, which can lead to higher turnover, increased security concerns and higher costs. Leveraging a third party who has expertise and availability can alleviate concerns, drive down costs and accelerate transformation.

Red8’s managed services can provide a level of management and support beyond simple monitoring to ensure that you are following industry best practices and taking advantage of every aspect of your environment.

Device as a Service

Device as a Service (DaaS) enables you to maximize your IT assets and resources by creating one solution from one provider.


This service enables our clients to offload the burden of their storage daily operations in favor of focusing on greater value-added initiatives.

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