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Ensuring Enterprise Cybersecurity Requires Agility


One of the greatest challenges of today’s IT infrastructure is Application Security for your enterprise. With cybercrime costs expected to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021 * cybersecurity is being pushed to the top of the enterprise agenda. Cyber threats are complex and sophisticated affecting businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. These threats originate from both insiders and external sources. As our IT systems encompass the IoT and Cloud computing, cybersecurity is likely to challenge organizations even further. Keeping ahead of the cybercriminal requires knowledge, the right application security solutions, and a rapid response.

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Best of Breed Enterprise Application Security to Mitigate Cyber Attacks

Data Security

Data is accessed across multiple applications, including mobile and Cloud. Understanding the lifecycle of data security across disparate applications and how to protect against threats, is key to securing data.

Security Solution Innovation

Knowing which application security solutions are best of breed for complex enterprise infrastructures.

Compliance with Data Security Regulations

The regulatory frameworks that dictate security controls, reflect the changing needs of data security in the extended enterprise network. Fixing security gaps can help achieve compliance expectations.

Disaster Recovery

If all else fails, a robust disaster recovery plan keeps your business working.

Optimize your Security for & Take Control

Careful planning and up-to-date knowledge of a shifting landscape are crucial to a successful security strategy. An organization needs to apply the right protection at the right time in the right place. Customer challenges are solved using specialist security engineers and analysts. Properly implemented data protection measures can save money in downtime costs, reputation damage, lost intellectual property, and exposed customer data.

The Cybercriminal Just Met Their Match with Red8’s Security Experts

Red8 has a team of dedicated and highly experienced security professionals who provide services that will protect your organization. Risk management and cybersecurity prevention is a process of assessment, analysis, and the deployment of relevant application security solutions. Our team of experts will ensure your business is primed for resilience. We offer a number of security services, including risk assessment, “Cyberhunting-as-a-service”, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and security technology evaluations to make sure your organization is protected against cyber threats.

*Cybersecurity Ventures, Cybercrime Report 2017: https://cybersecurityventures.com/hackerpocalypse-cybercrime-report-2016/

Managing the Entire Employee Device LifecycleRecently, Red8 had the opportunity to help a Northeast financial institution store, deploy and manage all employee devices for over 150 locations. The devices were stored, imaged and patched in our 37,000 sq ft technology center centrally located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The client was able to consolidate their billing of these devices to one vendor and created a predictable budget, freeing up monetary and personnel resources.
Case Study: Enhancing Business Continuity in Biotech Learn how a leader in the biotechnology sector leveraged a VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) solution to enhance business continuity capabilities and eliminate possible disruptions while expanding computing and data management capabilities.

Red8’s Application Security Partners

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