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Red8 Provides a Multitude of Solutions & Services for Healthcare IT

Healthcare providers today are on the front lines of a new industrial revolution. New technologies are transforming every aspect of healthcare, from cloud-based systems for managing Electronic Healthcare Records to exotic new devices for patient diagnosis and treatment. While the opportunities are exciting, the challenges are significant. Every new advancement in technology comes with security and compliance requirements, along with integration challenges across administrative and clinical networks. It’s no longer enough for healthcare administrators to have strong support from IT. Today’s IT opportunities and challenges require far more integrated service and support from experienced technology partners.

Red8 approaches Healthcare IT Services from a foundation of secure and scalable infrastructure, up through data management and application layers, and out to secure endpoints for administrative and clinical operations management and patient engagement. Whether we’re working with large healthcare providers to move all their data and diagnostic imaging archives into a private cloud, or designing Virtual Desktop systems to simplify secure record access and input across dozens of nursing stations and exam rooms, Red8 brings a holistic approach to healthcare infrastructure that always puts security, scalability, interoperability and ease-of-use at the core.

Healthcare IT Services for Optimized Infrastructure

At the foundational layer of Healthcare IT, Red8 provides a complete range of Network Infrastructure and Data Center capabilities and services, from planning to deployment, from asset procurement to managed support. As Healthcare providers adopt a growing number of cloud-based solutions for everything from Electronic Healthcare Records to Diagnostic Image Archiving, a solid healthcare IT infrastructure that ensures security, interoperability and reliability is ever more critical.

Red8 helps clinical and administrative healthcare IT managers navigate the complexities of optimized healthcare IT infrastructure, with solutions for cloud migration, virtualized infrastructure, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, software defined data centers, and data backup and recovery.

Virtualization & the Healthcare Cloud

Beyond cloud migration for healthcare data management, Red8 can bring cloud and virtualization advantages to clinical and administrative networks, including Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) that streamline secure access and data input everywhere from nursing stations and exam rooms to management offices and pharmacies. Healthcare VDI strategies, including shared clinical workstations, can be used to improve access control, simplify IT management and support, and reduce device costs and maintenance overhead. All Healthcare VDI and Healthcare Cloud strategies come with clinical device options, including specialized monitors, keyboards and input devices designed for HIPAA compliance, patient data security, and rigorous sanitization protocols.

Secure Healthcare Interoperability & Healthcare Cybersecurity

At the data and application layer, Red8 offers advanced IT consulting and services for security readiness assessments, HIPAA compliance, advanced data protection, healthcare interoperability and integration, healthcare data management, and data backup including disaster recovery. Red8 understands that healthcare providers face both unusual challenges managing patient data across distributed population health systems, and unusual healthcare cybersecurity threats, from ransomware phishing attacks to clinical network exploits and patient data theft.

To address these challenges, Red8’s engineering and consulting teams offer advanced security readiness assessments, next-generation firewall protections, identity management and access control, and endpoint security management to minimize threat vectors. Red8 also provides planning and consulting for healthcare interoperability across secure data systems, to assist with the integration of Electronic Healthcare Records systems with a spectrum of patient data capture and input applications and devices.

Digital Healthcare Transformation

As Healthcare providers address the particular requirements of digital transformation within their healthcare information systems, Red8 offers a robust engineering core of development and DevOps services, including Orchestration and Automation, API engineering, advanced and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve healthcare operations management and intelligence. Red8 has relevant certifications with leading manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring our ability to tailor the best digital healthcare solutions for your unique combination of legacy and updated component systems.

CASE STUDY: Powering Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

In this video we sit down with NetApp’s Dave Nesvisky to talk about the transformative work we did with a Healthcare client, AltaMed.

Patient Engagement & Healthcare Management

As Healthcare IT solutions reach the point of patient interaction, Red8 focuses primarily on systems that integrate directly with network infrastructure and data. From administrative office to clinical management networks, Red8 simplifies the processes of network design, security, asset management, and healthcare IT lifecycle services. Our unique experience and capabilities can be called on for designing next-generation point of care technology, including securely networked and sanitary EHR stations, clinical review stations for exam rooms, and dedicated devices to manage remote patient monitoring, virtual health solutions and telemedicine.

As point of care technologies and clinical endpoints grow, Red8 offers unique financing and leasing options, such as Healthcare Device as a Service, in which ownership, maintenance and life-cycle management across a fleet of Healthcare IT devices can be managed as leased equipment, substantially shifting CapEx costs on infrastructure to OpEx costs for managed equipment. These programs make it easier to manage assets, contain costs, and offload maintenance and end-of-life management for Healthcare IT assets.

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