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Safeguard Your Company and Customer Information While Keeping up to Date on Regulations

If you think your business is too small for a sophisticated cyberattack, you’re essentially a threat actor’s number one target. In the current threat landscape, everyone is a live target. Today, data breaches, related regulatory fines, and class action lawsuits are the norm.

As your business scales and your value chain expands, so does your risk exposure. To defend against such threats, enterprises require a proactive and focused approach supported by industry-relevant threat intelligence and tribal knowledge.

To fortify enterprise infrastructure, organizations must adopt practical cybersecurity and compliance solutions. These should be tailored to their unique enterprise infrastructure and specific business needs.

To mitigate risk and avert compliance violations, organizations must build resilience against relentless cyber threats. By taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity and compliance, you’ll ensure business continuity and brand value.

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What are Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions from Red8?

In the 1990s, all you needed was a firewall installed on a server, and that was enough to secure the entire IT infrastructure. Today’s enterprise multi-cloud environments are far more complex and more connected than ever before and demand an equally multifaceted and proactive approach to secure them.

Cybersecurity threats and regulatory compliance requirements evolve and change. To help you stay compliant and a step ahead of threat actors, Red8’s cybersecurity and compliance have devised a solution that helps businesses thrive without worrying about security or compliance.

Our Cybersecurity and Compliance solutions include:

Automated Data Classification

Automated Data Classification helps secure your systems by categorizing specific files or messages based on a predefined set of rules. These rules are based on keywords or expressions found within the content.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) are leveraged to collect and manage log and event data generated by enterprise applications, security devices, and host systems from a single centralized platform.

Advanced End-Point Security

Advanced End-Point Security solutions help protect your infrastructure from file, fileless, script-based, and zero-day attacks. In this scenario, machine-learning helps block advanced threats by identifying patterns in behavior, interactions, and more.

Next-Gen Firewall & Identity Management

Next-Gen Firewall & Identity Management helps companies move beyond port/protocol inspection and blocking by binging in additional intelligence from outside the firewall. This approach is supported by application-level assessments, intrusion prevention, and identity management.

Professional Services from Cybersecurity and Compliance Experts

Often, in-house security teams are overwhelmed and cannot monitor every aspect of the IT infrastructure. Red8’s cybersecurity and compliance solutions help fill the technology and skills gap to ensure business continuity and, best of all, keep your name out of the headlines.

Enterprise Cybersecurity Services Offering:

  • Architecture Design

  • Data Mapping

  • DevSecOps

  • Network Access Control (NAC)

  • Policy & Process Development

  • Application Security (Learn More)

  • Data Center Security (Learn More)

  • Program Governance

  • Risk Management

  • Security Assessments

  • Strategic Roadmaps

  • Segmentation

  • Vulnerability/Penetration Testing /Social Engineering

  • Data Backup Recovery (Learn More)

Partner with Red8’s IT Cybersecurity Consultants to Keep Your Enterprise Organization Secure and Compliant

Let us help fortify your IT infrastructure and ensure consistent security, compliance, and business continuity.

Schedule a commitment-free consultation to discuss your security and compliance needs.

Red8’s Cybersecurity and Compliance Partners

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