Six Important Reasons to Implement Data Backup as a Service

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Data Management

Backing up your data is essential to the survival of your business. As organizations move to the cloud, the need for tape drives and near-line storage is lessening. Although your data can be secure in the cloud, it’s important to have a rigorous, comprehensive, and complete backup plan in place, just in case the worst happens. Additionally, if you store your data in a hybrid cloud or on-premise, you can still take advantage of cloud backup services to provide safe and secure off-premise storage in the event of a data catastrophe.

Data Backup as a Service is important — let’s dive into why.

Take Advantage of Flexible Storage on Demand

When you backup into the cloud, you don’t need to buy servers and storage ahead of time. Instead, most cloud providers will bill you for the capacity you use, and the computing power needed to transfer, store and manage data in your backup service. This reduces your capital expenditure and helps you pay for backup data storage as you use it. This backup storage is also infinitely expandable, so you can use as much or as little as you need.

The Cloud Provider Fixes any Hardware Issues on Their End

You don’t need to worry about hardware failures, as they are all the responsibility of the provider. In almost all cases, any downtime will be completely invisible to you, as a backup as a service likely makes multiple redundant copies of your data to eliminate the impact of hardware failure.

Your IT Team Doesn’t Need to Focus Time, Resources, or Efforts on Backups

Once you’ve established and setup backup processes into the cloud, administering them becomes very easy. There’s far less IT overhead, and you can free up staff to focus on high-value tasks.

You Can Easily Monitor How Backups are Functioning

Most cloud providers will issue reports on successful or failed backups, and you can install your own tools and integrate them into your IT monitoring dashboards. You can easily understand all of your backup service provision at a glance and quickly deal with any issues.

Backup as a Service Functions Across Multiple Environments

Backup as a service can integrate seamlessly with on-premise data, hybrid clouds, public clouds, or private clouds. You can choose exactly the type and frequency of the backups you need.

Data Recovery is Easy

Because your data backups are available from anywhere, locating and recovering data you need to restore is very fast and easy. Providing you have the right types of backups, you can rollback to your last known good data and be up and running again quickly.
As you can see, backup as a service will provide you with peace of mind, cost control, and service assurance. It could be a great addition to your business. Contact us to find the best solution for your business.