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Defending Your Cloud Using Data Center Security Solutions

Why Data Center Security is a Top Priority for your Enterprise

Modern data centers are shifting from the physical to the virtual. This transformation offers commerce a way to improve agility, scalability, and efficiency of operations. But this modernization of enterprise data centers has also brought challenges in data security. An attack against an organization’s data center has a far-reaching impact. Data center downtime, costs, on average, $740,357 – an increase of 38% since 2010*. And the loss of data affects not only your bottom line but a company’s reputation too. Data Center Security mitigates the cost and pain of data disruption and protects your sensitive data from exposure.

Best of Breed Security Solutions to Protect your Data Centers

Data Security

Data is valuable. Most modern business operations are data-driven, and any loss or compromise of data negatively affects operations.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

DDoS attacks are on the increase facilitated by the explosion of the IoT. A resilient data center is key to business continuity.


One of the challenges of building robust data center architectures is visibility. With visibility of your extended network, you can achieve holistic data security and meet compliance requirements.

Data Center Consolidation for Security, Continuity & Peace of Mind

By using best of breed Data Center Security Solutions, we can ensure your data center transformation program is optimized for security. We use big data solutions and integrated automation capability, to intelligently report and alert at the application level. This offers the most accurate method of analyzing security events, whilst keeping costs down.

Use Red8’s Unique Skill Set to Ensure Resilience and Business Continuity

Red8 is an expert at assessing risk. We have a highly experienced team, working across all industry sectors, that can offer a risk management approach to data center protection. It is our job to make sure we understand your exact needs and work out innovative ways to ensure that your data remains secure. Red8 is not just a security expert; our domain expertise is unique because we also have a deep understanding of the modern data center infrastructure. This combination of skills allows us to work with you to ensure data center resilience and continuity – keeping your business operations optimized.

*Ponemon Institute, 2016 Cost of Data Center Outages:

Managing the Entire Employee Device LifecycleRecently, Red8 had the opportunity to help a Northeast financial institution store, deploy and manage all employee devices for over 150 locations. The devices were stored, imaged and patched in our 37,000 sq ft technology center centrally located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The client was able to consolidate their billing of these devices to one vendor and created a predictable budget, freeing up monetary and personnel resources.
Case Study: Enhancing Business Continuity in Biotech Learn how a leader in the biotechnology sector leveraged a VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) solution to enhance business continuity capabilities and eliminate possible disruptions while expanding computing and data management capabilities.

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