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Device Lifecycle Management

Red8 Delivers a True DLM Model to your Business

Red8’s Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) supports the entire asset lifecycle from design and planning to configuration, maintenance, and disposal of out-of-date devices and IT hardware.

Red8’s expertise in each stage of DLM makes device lifecycle management as simple as possible. Together, with our parent company Insight Investments, we have 30-years’ experience in technology financing with a lease portfolio of over $1B. We own and operate a 37,000 sq. ft. technology and refurbishment center providing the space to store, deploy, and service all of your end-user devices.

Red8 DLM means your IT support team is free to perform core business IT needs, keeping your business reliable, cost-effective, secure, agile, and competitive.

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The Benefits of Device Lifecycle Management

Free Up IT Resources

DLM improves end-user experience while allowing your IT teams to focus on core strategic initiatives.

Improve ROI

Eliminate major capital investment on business devices, shipping expenses and order inaccuracy.

Increase Security

Seamlessly replacing unreliable, out-of-date, and old device models improves overall device reliability and security.

Optimize IT Refresh

Red8’s DLM gives an enterprise the reassurance to minimize risk and avoid outdated technology.

Cost Effective and Secure Device Lifecycle Management


Managing the asset lifecycle of devices is a challenge that Red8 can help your organization overcome. The modern enterprise is built upon a vast ecosystem of devices and hardware such as laptops, mobile devices, desktops, and so on. This device ecosystem includes corporate device assets that support productivity, remote working, and can help optimize IT resource use. Lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) while optimizing IT investment in devices throughout the lifecycle, is driving new IT delivery models. Red8 provides a way for your organization to cost-effectively implement IT asset management for a diverse array of devices and situations while maintaining security across all endpoints.

Managing the Entire Employee Device Lifecycle

Recently, Red8 had the opportunity to help a northeast financial institution store, deploy and manage all employee devices for over 150 locations. The devices were stored, imaged and patched in our 37,000 sq ft technology center centrally located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The client was able to consolidate their billing of these devices to one vendor and create  a predictable budget, freeing up monetary and personnel resources.


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