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Simple Management of Complex Cloud Environments 

Streamline your Infrastructure as Code Management 

Your DevOps teams rely on flexible, scalable cloud infrastructure to meet all your development and technology needs. As you break into new marketplaces and meet the demands of your executive team, customers, suppliers, and partners, you need to code and deliver fast. Our infrastructure as code services are designed to streamline your DevOps functions and put you in control.

Infrastructure as Code from Red8 gives your developers the power to manage, spin up, amend, configure, and decommission cloud infrastructure quickly and easily. By treating your cloud infrastructure as an integrated software platform, your DevOps team can use automation and machine-processable definition files to optimize any cloud environment.

Your teams can easily make changes to your cloud systems in a repeatable, structured and safe way. Infrastructure as code significantly reduces the manual overhead of managing cloud instances and environments and lessens the risk of human error. Your developers can deliver in a lean, agile way, without having to worry they will have the infrastructure they need.

Infrastructure as Code Gives Devops the Resources they Need

Maintain Speed and Agility

Your business needs to develop new products and services, fast. Infrastructure as code means that IT environments are available, whenever they’re required.

Stay in Control

With integrated APIs and self-service platforms, infrastructure as code makes development in your cloud environment easy and painless.

Self-Sufficient IT Provisioning

Infrastructure as code gives your DevOps teams the right access and permissions so they can self-provision cloud infrastructure in a responsible, sustainable way.

Fully Automated Lifecycle

From concept through design, build, test, and release, infrastructure as code provides development, pre-production, and production environments to minimize impact on live services.

Stable, Reliable, Secure Services

Get the fast, secure, available cloud infrastructure that your employees and customers demand, then develop the right products and services to maintain a competitive advantage.

Optimize Product and Service Development

Infrastructure as code reduces the burden on your DevOps teams, letting them focus on delivering market-leading applications, products, and services. We provide a persistent, living map and repository of your cloud infrastructure across all environments — so Devops understands exactly where cloud resources are and how they’re being used.

Changes to code and infrastructure are logged and tracked, making them easy to review or audit. DevOps can easily spin up independent instances in safe environments to allow for rapid testing without production risk. You can apply known, good configurations across multiple instances to standardize great performance. Compliance and security all form part of a single pipeline, providing much greater service assurance and minimizing risks.

Your DevOps team can respond rapidly to an ever-changing competitive landscape and develop new functions and features, test them, and release them with minimal disruption.

Red8 Enables Infrastructure as Code

We designed our infrastructure as code services to reduce cycle times and costs, while giving your DevOps teams the speed, power, and flexibility they need. That means you get more value out of development, helping you to delight customers and increase profitability. You’ll also understand how your on-demand cloud infrastructure is being used, allowing you to decommission under-utilized or unused instances so you save money. We work across multiple infrastructure as code tools, platforms, and vendors that will effortlessly integrate with your developers and engineers.

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