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Why Invest in Enterprise Data Storage?

“Data is the new oil” is becoming the catchphrase of the 21st century*. Data is a valuable commodity, being created, shared, and stored in vast amounts. Analysts IDC, have predicted that by 2025 we will be creating 163 zettabytes of data – ten times the amount generated in 2016**. Big data, demands state-of-the-art data storage. Choosing the right enterprise data storage solutions for your business is key to ensuring scalability, speed, performance, and security.

Best of Breed Enterprise Storage
Solutions for the Agile Business


Performance is a key metric when deciding on an enterprise storage solution. Robust performance equates to improved customer satisfaction and increased employee productivity.


Regulations are hitting all industries. Your storage solution need to ensure that compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, etc., can be achieved simply and robustly.


Today’s storage solutions offer elastic performance that is simple to use and applies advanced data management that is reliable and fast. Reliable storage solutions are vital in keeping organizational operations running smoothly.

Better Data Management for the Agile Business

Red8 not only offers state-of-the-art data storage, we also ensure optimization of your legacy systems. Our pragmatic approach benefits your organization by making sure that you have the best of both worlds. Data management optimization is our prime objective and we ensure that your existing systems are maximized as needed. Any decision to take your data storage to the next level is made as seamless as possible.

Red8 Delivering the Best Data Storage Solutions to Suit Your Enterprise

Red8 works with some of the world’s leaders in the enterprise data management space. This includes NetApp, Dell EMC, Pure Storage, Qumulo and more. Our multi-disciplinary team of storage experts can help you raise your business bar. Our storage solutions are tailored to your business needs, weaving in legacy systems as required. We make sure that your data is accessible and can scale as you need it, on-demand. One of the most important aspects of our service is to ensure that you have reliable and secure data management. Because of our expertise in data security and data centers, we can also bring all of the pieces of compliance, data protection, and data accessibility to your organization. Your business will have uninterrupted access to your critical operational data keeping your business running smoothly.

*Clive Humby: http://ana.blogs.com/maestros/2006/11/data_is_the_new.html

**IDC: https://www.seagate.com/www-content/our-story/trends/files/Seagate-WP-DataAge2025-March-2017.pdf

Managing the Entire Employee Device LifecycleRecently, Red8 had the opportunity to help a Northeast financial institution store, deploy and manage all employee devices for over 150 locations. The devices were stored, imaged and patched in our 37,000 sq ft technology center centrally located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The client was able to consolidate their billing of these devices to one vendor and created a predictable budget, freeing up monetary and personnel resources.
Case Study: Enhancing Business Continuity in Biotech Learn how a leader in the biotechnology sector leveraged a VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) solution to enhance business continuity capabilities and eliminate possible disruptions while expanding computing and data management capabilities.

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