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Oil & Gas Industry IT Solutions

Oil & Gas companies are facing some of the most dramatic digital transformations of any industry in the world today. Often saddled with legacy systems and infrastructure assets across the globe, oil & gas companies are simultaneously some of the most energetic adopters of cloud technology and infrastructure, as they embrace new partnerships that leverage data-rich applications and operational analytics. Navigating the transition from insecure legacy systems to cloud-based infrastructure is a dramatic leap into the future for most oil & gas companies.

Red8 helps oil & gas companies put cloud migration at the center of their IT strategy, immediately strengthening their cybersecurity protections and creating a solid and scalable platform for data-driven business applications, operational AI and analytics, and compliant integrations with global strategic business partners. Whether we’re help drilling contractors restructure historical data for analytics and AI applications, or helping refiners track assets and workers across a global array of field operations, Red8 brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to help oil & gas companies successfully navigate a new generation of technology challenges and opportunities.

Cloud-First Infrastructure

Nothing represents a greater threat to oil & gas companies today than standing still. Legacy systems not only represent significant security vulnerabilities across a range of threat vectors, they’re incompatible with the data-intensive business applications that are the foundation of new strategic partnerships across supply chains, logistics and trading systems. Cloud-based infrastructure is also critical for advancing automation, often with the help of integrated AI and system monitoring, as well as predictive and reactive analytics to improve operational efficiencies.

Secure Interoperability & Cybersecurity

As data-rich applications become a priority for businesses and hackers alike, Red8 partners with oil & gas companies to create secure cloud environments for highly integrated application ecosystems, ready for everything from AI-driven automation to Virtual Reality pipeline and field visualizations.

Red8’s engineering and consulting teams offer advanced security assessments, next-generation firewall protections, identity management and access control, and endpoint security management to minimize threats. Red8 also provides planning and consulting for data interoperability and interchange across secure networks, to assist in the development of hardened business application ecosystems spanning multiple partners and field operations.

Digital Transformation & Media Application Develpment

For oil & gas companies developing their own applications and systems, Red8 offers a robust engineering core of development and DevOps services, including Orchestration and Automation, API engineering, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve business and operations intelligence.

Red8 has hundreds of certifications with leading manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring our ability to tailor the best data infrastructure solutions for your unique challenges.

Featured Solution: HP Endpoint Devices

With the demands of high-performance solutions in media and entertainment IT, devices must be reliable and have extreme processing power to handle heavy applications that involve animation, 3D, visual effects, and computer-generated imagery (CGI). HP endpoint devices include desktop and mobile systems that help boost productivity with multi-core processors, large memory capacities, leading-edge graphics, and unique technologies built for the media and entertainment industries. Partner with Red8 and HP and see how we can help empower your creative professionals with HP endpoint devices.

Office and Operations Management

Red8 specializes in cloud-based systems, including those that replace of traditional office and operations networks. Using new thin client architectures and virtual desktop infrastructures, Red8 can dramatically reduce both security threats and maintenance costs, while improving mobility and ease of asset management.

Red8 also offers financing and leasing options, such as Device as a Service, in which ownership, maintenance and life-cycle management across a fleet of devices can be managed as leased equipment, substantially shifting CapEx costs on infrastructure to OpEx costs for managed equipment. These programs make it easier to manage assets, contain costs, and offload maintenance and end-of-life management for IT assets.

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