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Essential Employee Technology to Enable a Productive and Connected Workforce

The way we work has changed forever. Whether you’re getting the job done on-premises or remotely from just about anywhere, the underlying force that makes it happen is end-user computing and the platform that supports it.

The challenge for companies is to provide their staff with a seamless experience. This is because it demands workplace modernization initiatives that break away from technology silos to maximize operational efficiency and employee productivity.

Digital transformation initiatives must adopt both a people first and cloud-first model. Understanding how best to align your technology depends on your business, industry vertical, and most of all, how your people will use it—not the other way around.

A productive and connected workforce demands a robust IT infrastructure that facilitates seamless communication and collaboration. In a highly secure and collaborative environment, you’ll also have abundant opportunities to orchestrate and automate business processes to access enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

With the help of data and analytics, you’ll be well placed to minimize errors, optimize operations, eliminate inefficiencies, mitigate risk, focus on core your customers and identify new opportunities to scale.

To tie all this together for maximum effect, your organization requires the necessary IT infrastructure, devices, and proven enterprise applications.

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What are Workforce Enablement Solutions from Red8?

Today’s enterprise work environment has drastically changed due to an increased need for remote working and a much more diverse workforce. Organizations are tasked with enabling each employee to stay connected and productive, whether within an office setting or at home.

This puts a heavy strain on every aspect of the enterprise IT infrastructure. The workforce enablement solutions from Red8 helps the enterprise IT organization ensure business continuity with a constantly connected workforce.

Our Enterprise Workforce Enablement Solutions include:

Bring Your Own Device

BYOD policies are now standard across industries and allow employees to choose and work on their own devices. Red8 will ensure that you leverage this strategy securely, prioritizing user privacy, and user experience.

End-User Technology

End-User Technology is now critical to attract and retain top talent. Whether it’s a cutting-edge workstation, notebook, tablet, or hybrid, we’ll ensure that your staff is equipped with their desired hardware and software when they need it.

Active Directory (AD)

AD helps keep your enterprise users, computers, and devices organized. We will manage and maintain your company’s complete hierarchy, including which device belongs on which network to which users have access to the storage room. Learn how to manage and secure your AD with RADD

Download the RADD flyer

End-User Compute (EUC)

EUC solutions help non-programmers build robust enterprise applications. Red8 will deliver a well-designed EUC/VDI plan that allows your users to access the digital platforms they require to enhance efficiencies and boost productivity, both on-premises and remotely in the cloud.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop to help employees securely access their desktops and applications from anywhere via an endpoint device. We will ensure that any desktop can be seamlessly deployed and managed from a centrally located data center.

Professional Services from Workforce Enablement Experts

In addition to the solutions that Red8 offers, our advanced IT consultants and professional services team is ready to support each and every implementation. They hold over 2,000 certifications from today’s top manufacturers, and this includes both legacy and emerging technologies.

Our workforce enablement team has experience in supporting every aspect of the IT lifecycle adhering to proven methodologies and best practices, so you can rest assured that your workforce is thriving.

Enterprise Workforce Enablement Services Offering:

  • Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) (Learn More)

  • Depot-as-a-Service

Red8’s It Consultants Provide Your Organization with the Necessary Guidance to Implement Effective Workforce Enablement Solutions

Partner with Red8 to ensure that your employees are empowered with the connectivity, hardware, software, and more to be productive.

Schedule a commitment-free consultation to discuss your workforce enablement needs.

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