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Optimized Data Center and Networking Infrastructure to Support Your Business Needs

Data center and networking solutions focus on enabling secure and seamless access to enterprise applications and data on-premises or while working remotely from home. Regardless of where the data lives, this approach ensures uninterrupted access at any time, from anywhere.

Depending on their specific needs, businesses leverage their own data center or become a tenant and share a section of a third-party data center. No matter what your current needs might be, Red8 will ensure accessibility, agility, security, and improved productivity.

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What are Data Center and Networking Solutions from Red8?

As enterprises adopt a cloud-first approach, more data and infrastructure are virtualized. This demands specific technologies and solutions to address the resources needed to access and secure data in the cloud.

Whether it’s a physical and virtualized infrastructure, converged, or hyper-converged infrastructure, we have the necessary expertise and cutting-edge technologies to ensure seamless and secure connectivity. Red8 will also deploy a proven backup and recovery plan to ensure business continuity.

Optimized data center and networking infrastructure are built with robust technologies like servers, storage systems, and routers. There is also supporting infrastructure for the physical data center that requires batteries, cabling, cooling systems, generators, and physical security protocols.

Our Enterprise Data Center and Networking solutions include:

Converged, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Converged, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions to efficiently manage automation and orchestration, networking infrastructure, servers, storage, and more. By adopting a centralized system, businesses improve consistency, resource-utilization rates, and availability while cutting costs.

Software-Defined Data Center

Software-Defined Data Center solutions help efficiently manage a collection of software-defined components that form an enterprise IT environment and run workloads locally or in the cloud.

Enterprise Data Management

Storage isn’t the only function of a data center — you need the data management and analytics tools to take advantage of your information. We provide Enterprise Information Management and Data Management tools so you can drill into your data and gain valuable business insights. Our Enterprise Analytics and Big Data Analytics solutions let you identify and use that knowledge to give your business a competitive advantage. Learn about data management and data analytics.

Enterprise Data Storage

“Data is the new oil” is becoming the catchphrase of the 21st century. Choosing the right enterprise storage solution for your business is key to ensuring scalability, speed, performance, and security.

Data Center Virtualization

Data Centers, Storage, and Virtualization
Servers are at the heart of a successful IT ecosystem and data center. We’ll help you choose the right solution for all your data storage and server needs and provide rapid, secure, concurrent, responsive access to all your information and applications. Data Center Virtualization and Server Virtualization helps us to optimize your server environment by creating a virtual version of the server or data center. Learn about data storage and server virtualization.

Enterprise Mobility Management

A strong network needs a bold approach that meets the changing demands of your employees and customers. We tailor our Enterprise Mobility Solutions to your exact business needs and use cutting-edge technology to provide perfect connectivity on every device, in every location. You’ll have the confidence of a reliable network backbone to give your applications a competitive advantage and help your business thrive.

Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery protocols to monitor, create and store copies of your data in real-time. This approach goes a long way to negate data loss and ensure business continuity.

Physical and Virtualized Infrastructure

Physical and Virtualized Infrastructure solutions to manage physical data centers or decouple physical hardware from an operating system to achieve greater flexibility and scalability, cost-effectively.

IT Automation & Orchestration

We’ll help you take advantage of data center services that streamline your business operations. Our Business Process Automation and Enterprise Orchestration give you a centralized way to manage your IT data center resources, wherever they are. We’ll collaborate to improve core business processes through perfectly-implemented data center technology.

Enterprise Computing

We combine your data center with enterprise computing resources and give you flexibility to innovate and grow. On-demand enterprise computing lets you flex your infrastructure to meet business demands, optimize your technical processes, and maximize the return on your IT investment. Our computing solutions will help you digitally transform your operations. Learn more.

Application Delivery Management

Providing robust connectivity goes beyond responsiveness and reliability. We manage your networks from point of origin through to fully-connected software and beyond. Our Application Delivery Solutions ensure your applications, websites, portals, and more will work perfectly and deliver the right functionality in a controlled, efficient, and cost-effective way.

Network Virtualization

Naturally, we provide complete network virtualization solutions to help transform your business, cut IT costs, and give you a competitive advantage. Network virtualization combines hardware and software network solutions to provide more resilient and secure infrastructure. Using network virtualization keeps your organization competitive, provides extra IT agility, and secures you against common threats.

Professional Services from Data Center and Networking Experts

Whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, you’ll need data center and networking solutions services like setup and maintenance, technical support, installation and configuration, real-time monitoring and security, health checks and assessments, and much more.

Our expert IT consultants and data center engineers are ready to support you from discussion to deployment and beyond. The Red8 data center and networking solutions team is equipped with the necessary experience, expertise, and technologies to support your physical or virtualized data center.

Enterprise Data Center and Networking Services Offering:

Red8’s Data Center and Networking Consultants Ensure Proper Implementation of Effective Data Management and Connectivity Tools and Processes


Partner with Red8 and get the most out of your physical or virtualized data center. Our approach to effective data center implementation and management ensures optimized resource utilization and cost-savings.

Schedule a commitment-free consultation to discuss your data center and networking needs.

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