NetApp Protecting SVM Root Volume

For any data Storage Virtual Machines (SVMs) that have a namespace (CIFS and/or NFSv3), it is recommended to protect the SVM root volume.  This is not required for SAN based (FC or iSCSI only). There are two ways to accomplish this:  Data Protection Mirrors (DP) or...

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NetApp ONTAP Default Export Policy

The following is a basic “default” export-policy rule for SVMs that have a namespace (NAS only). The rule will prevent writing to the root volume but allow reading and traversing it to the junction. Policy Name: default Rule Index: 1 Access Protocol: nfs Client Match...

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NetApp Selective LUN Mapping

The following is based on Selective LUN Map. Additional information can be viewed at FAQ: Selective LUN mapping. Selective LUN Map (SLM) reduces the number of paths from the host to the LUN. With SLM, when a new LUN map is created, the LUN is accessible only through...

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