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RedTALK Webinar Series


Red8’s RedTALK webinar series allows you the opportunity to learn about today’s top technologies and practices from thought leaders in IT. From AIops to Endpoint Security and everything in-between, learn how leveraging the latest technology solutions can help you and your organization succeed. These are not sales pitches, these are subject matter experts that will walk you through each topic and act as a valuable resource to answer your questions.


DevOps: Are We There Yet?

When DevOps surfaced as a concept 10 years ago, the economy was struggling, AWS was a toddler, servers lived in office closets, and deploys were a monthly — or quarterly — Saturday exercise. DevOps was a novel concept, focused on breaking down silos and reducing conflict between developers and operations folks. It was simple, yet difficult to understand and implement. A decade on, I find myself like a kid in the backseat asking, “Are we there yet?” And even if we were, how would we know? This talk explores the state of DevOps, cloud expansion, and what’s next for modern engineering organizations.

Achieving 100% Of Your ROI On AI Projects Within A Year

Gartner has stated that 85% of Artificial Intelligence projects within fortune 500 companies will fail to yield tangible results in the upcoming years. Yet, we expect to see AI projects grow by up to 50% in the next 5 years.* So, how do you ensure that your AI initiatives don’t fall into that 85% and produce ROI? Data Scientist and CEO of SFL Scientific, Michael Segala, will join Red8’s Field CTO, Brandon Kaier to discuss how to achieve ROI from your AI projects and how to accelerate that timeline.

How to Build an Automated Pipeline to Support Machine Learning

Implementing Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning into your organization can have immense benefits for your business. However, people, process and technology challenges can delay deployments resulting in negative ROI and business impact. In this webinar learn best practices on setting up a self service machine learning platform that has positive business impact.

A Proven Approach to Microsoft 365 Migrations

Microsoft 365 has been enabling organizations to reduce costs and improve end user functionality for years. But, migrating your current on-prem solution can seem daunting. In this RedTALK, we discuss a manageable and proven approach to a Microsoft 365 migration. Learn more from Red8 Cloud Experts who have successfully migrated over 250,000 mailboxes.

Keeping Up with the Complexities of Unstructured Data

As unstructured and file data continue to grow exponentially, traditional storage architectures, limited in scalability and constrained by management complexity, struggle to keep up. Powered by OneFS, DellEMC Isilon answers this challenge.

Please join Red 8 for a Technical overview, including demonstration to discover for yourself why Gartner names Isilon the industry’s #1 scale-out NAS solution.

How Ansible can Accelerate Your Automation Strategy

Organizations of all sizes understand that automation is a key part of digital transformation. Due to limited expertise and/or constrained resources, automation can seem out of reach. In this webinar, we discuss how Ansible makes automation attainable for all organizations. Red8’s devops expert, Steven Tobias, reviews real world examples of successful implementations as well as demoing Ansible’s key functionalities.

Sensitive Data Governance with a Remote Workforce: On-Hands Lab

The rush to move to a 100% Work-from-Home approach brings with it a host of risks, security and compliance high among them. The chance that sensitive or compliant data ends up on a remote device outside of the corporate firewall is now much higher than it ever has been. Without knowledge of the existence of that data, firms will be exposed to exfiltration and compliance failures, which could cost them millions at the worst possible time. Commvault Endpoint Protection + Activate provides the information, analysis, automation, and remediation necessary to mitigate this very real threat.

How a File Archive Strategy can Save Millions in IT Spend

Unstructured data within organizations is growing at an unprecedented rate. With the explosion of data, IT admins are struggling to manage the growth and identify what is being used and not used. It is estimated that 40-60% of data on primary storage is no longer in use, but identifying that cold data and moving it to a lower cost storage tier has been impossible.

This webinar will outline the value of implementing a modern archive strategy that can save your organization millions in wasted IT spend, reduce your on-prem footprint, and provide a playbook on how to utilize your current infrastructure to deliver real savings to your organization.

A Successful Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy

The volume of data continues to increase at an explosive rate. Not only is it growing it’s also coming from many new sources. When petabytes are the new norm, longer retention cycles are required and there are a wide variety of public cloud options companies are challenged to build an effective hybrid-cloud strategy.

Is it possible to have a scalable, secure and flexible solution that can support both Capex and Opex considerations? We think so.

Virtual Test Drive: VxRail

Whether you are accelerating data center modernization, deploying a hybrid cloud or creating a developer-ready Kubernetes platform, VxRail delivers a turnkey experience that enables organizations to continuously innovate. In this week’s RedTALK experience a VxRail virtual test drive designed to deepen your knowledge and technical skills. During the webinar we will review:

How Adversaries Exploit Remote Workers

Covid-19 has forced organizations to quickly implement work from home programs which has expanded the external threat surface. Join Red 8 and Digital Shadows for a look at the techniques used by adversaries to exploit remote workers followed by recommendations to mitigate these various threats. We’ll share discussions within dark web forums to highlight the types of information adversaries are looking to buy/sell, and the impact their actions have on an organization. We’ll conclude the discussion with mitigation strategies to enable organizations to get ahead of these external threats and reduce risk to the business.

How VDI can Accelerate a Remote Workforce

Virtual desktops can enable a remote workforce quickly and easily. Choosing the right VDI solution can also simplify desktop and application management, secure data and improve compliance all while driving down costs. Through this live demo, learn how Azure VDI and Red8 can make this a reality for your organization.

Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift

Get a live demo of how Red Hat OpenShift can help you deliver applications faster. This solution offers a consistent hybrid cloud foundation for building and scaling containerized applications. Learn how your organization can benefit from streamlined platform installation and upgrades from one of the enterprise Kubernetes leaders.

How to Make Hybrid Cybersecurity Productive

Description:GuardSight and Red8, cybersecurity partner, about what makes Productive Hybrid Cybersecurity relationships. This is the same talk John gives at theCompanies have adopted a strategy of combining their internal forces with external cybersecurity services partners to help achieve these myriad of objectives. This hybrid strategy is only successful when specific characteristics exist. Attend this webinar to learn from John McGloughlin, the CEO of Wall Street Journal Pro Cybersecurity Symposium conferences. This is going to be fun!

Hope is Not a Strategy, Self-Driving IT

AIOps is the application of Machine Learning and data science to IT operations problems. Learn how this can help your organization simplify your primary IT operations functions. Also get an overview and demo of today’s leading AIOps platforms.

How Ansible can Accelerate Your Automation Strategy

Learn how enterprise organizations are leveraging Ansible to automate their workloads. Our devops expert, Steven Tobias, will demonstrate Windows/Linux configuration management, Ansible Tower and Ansible modules (NetApp, networking and cloud).