How Cisco Umbrella and SD-WAN Enforce Remote IT Security

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Application Security, Assessments, Blog

With companies moving towards remote work, threat becomes even more critical as hackers begin to target vulnerable remote networks and devices. Cisco Umbrella combines various security services into one integrated cloud solution that offers unmatched security capabilities. It’s easy to deploy and manage, backed by Cisco security and threat detection, and when used with SD-WAN, it protects your data against threats such as malware, ransomware and botnets with no added latency.

What Is Cisco SD-WAN?

Cisco SD-WAN is a secure, cloud-scale architecture that is open, programmable and scalable. SD-WAN is managed through the vManage console, where you can quickly establish an overlay fabric and connect data centers, branches, campuses and colocation facilities to improve network speed, security and efficiency. SD-WAN also allows multiple cloud enviroments to seamlessly connect to any user on any app. Managing the solution is easy – simply sign on to one single dashboard.

What Is Cisco Umbrella?

Cisco Umbrella was created to provide users with easy deployment and powerful protection anywhere, anytime – maximizing remote IT security. The Cisco Umbrella solution offers five different software elements, all wrapped up into one solution package – providing maximum security.

Looking Under the Umbrella

DNS-Layer Security
DNS security improves security visibility, detects when systems are compromised and eliminates threats before they reach your network.
Secure Web Gateway
The Secure Web Gateway is responsible for logging and inspecting all web traffic visibility – including URL and application controls. It also uses IPsec tunnels, PAC files and proxy chaining through the cloud-based proxy, enforcing the correct use policies and blocking potential threats.
Cloud-Delivered Firewall
By blocking unwanted traffic using IP, port and protocol rules, this advanced firewall solution logs all activity and blocks unwanted traffic.
Cloud Access Security Broker
Umbrella provides the ability to detect and report data from cloud applications in use across organizations – exposing all shadow IT.
Interactive Threat Intel
Umbrella is backed by Talos, Cisco’s threat research and intelligence group, providing security against malicious domains, IPs and URLs. Umbrella enables faster incident investigation and response by providing real-time monitoring of malware, phishing, botnets, trojans and other threats.

Simplified Cloud Security for Your Distributed Network

What if you could secure every user across your SD-WAN in minutes with a single configuration? With the power of SD-WAN and Umbrella together, you can.
The integration of Umbrella and Cisco SD-WAN can easily deploy across networks, providing powerful cloud security and protection against threats while working in-office or remote. This integration approach can secure cloud access and protect users, devices and apps against all direct internet access breakouts.
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