Getting the Most from Your Servers and Data Center Using Virtualization

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The digital enterprise may be evolving but remaining at the heart of an organization is the server.  Making the most of your enterprise servers is key to improving productivity and reducing costs. Data Center Virtualization and Server Virtualization provide the tools to optimize your server environment by creating a virtual version of the server or data center. Server Virtualization improves your IT efficiency, making your organization agile and scalable, whilst at the same time cutting costs. Enterprise Virtualization Solutions provide the tools to get the most out of your servers, simplifying your IT environment.

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The Benefits of Using Data Center and Server Virtualization

Reduced Hardware Costs

Server virtualization removes the need to purchase additional servers to perform separate functions. No more idle servers.

Fast Server Deployment

Virtualization of servers takes minutes.

Cost Benefits

Including reduced hardware costs, lower maintenance, and reduced energy costs.

Increased Productivity

Fewer servers to manage, equates to more time for IT staff to spend on core tasks.

Data Center Virtualization

Virtualization of data centers has a number of benefits, but one of the most compelling is in the area of disaster recovery. Virtualized data centers offer more seamless backups; snapshots of the servers can be taken very easily and then redeployed as needed. Disaster recovery with virtualized data centers is one of the key benefits of virtualization, as you can get back up and running very quickly.

Red8 Offering Expertise in Enterprise Virtualization Solutions

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Red8 has exceptional virtualization knowledge. We are VMWare Premier Partners and have an in-depth understanding of the application of VMWare’s virtualization technology which is the best-of-breed virtualization platform on the market. We utilize this Server Virtualization solution to improve your server and data center efficiency and performance, whilst reducing your costs. Our experts are also skilled in Linux KVM and Hyper-V – we can find the best ways to improve your efficiency and performance, while reducing the cost of running your data center.

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