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Modern enterprises are demanding more efficient and simplified ways of managing increasingly complicated IT systems. According to analysts, IDC*, the Converged Infrastructure market is growing rapidly, driven by the high-performance offered by using a Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI). An HCI approach combines siloed IT infrastructure components, such as data centers, applications, storage, and orchestration engines to create extensible ecosystems. This convergence of IT, compute, and storage resources via a Hyperconverged Infrastructure can be used across the entire organization. This simplifies and reduces the costs of IT, creating the foundation stone to push the enterprise into the era of digital transformation.

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The Benefits of Using a Hyperconverged Infrastructure


Easy expansion of IT by adding building blocks on an ‘as needed’ basis, creating a more efficient model than the usual ‘rip and replace’. Staffing needs optimized by the consolidation of datacenter hardware, bringing storage and servers together.


Automation of functions such as administration, and streamlining of systems like data centers.


Hyperconverged systems offer an opportunity to create a more efficient consolidated infrastructure that is simpler to deploy and manage.

Who Benefits from Using a Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

IT leaders who need to modernize their data center projects by consolidating servers and data centers. HCI can reduce the overhead of hardware and simplify your environment

Enterprises moving legacy IT architectures to software-defined systems. A Hyperconvergence led deployment offers ease of migration.

Enterprises with multiple branch locations and offices benefit from a Hyperconverged Infrastructure, reducing the need for specialized staff, offering high availability, and easy extensibility.

How Red8 Can Help Your Organization to Implement a Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

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Red8 offers unparalleled expertise in the world of systems integration. We work in partnership with your organization to identify your convergence requirements and opportunities for infrastructure improvement.

Red8 can help solve your deeply technical problems in a constructive and logical manner. We gather intelligence, then use it to design a HCI platform tailored to your exact needs – replacing older silos with tightly integrated storage, networking, applications, and servers. Our expertise in Hyperconverged Infrastructures will transform your legacy data center into a modern, simplified service saving you money and making your organization more streamlined. The resulting extensible IT architecture is future-proofed, making your digital transformation, seamless.

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