Enterprise Risk Management: From Data Security to Disaster Recovery

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The Online Trust Alliance* reported that cybersecurity incidents doubled in 2017. This includes cyber scourges like ransomware, which have increased by 2000% since 2015**. The drivers behind such shocking statistics include the digital transformation of our organizations to embrace mobile, Cloud computing, and virtualization of our IT infrastructures. To keep our business competitive, we need to keep it running. Fortunately, best of breed solutions covering data security, data backup, data recovery, and disaster recovery can help us keep our business moving forward.

*Online Trust Alliance: https://otalliance.org/news-events/press-releases/online-trust-alliance-reports-doubling-cyber-incidents-2017-0

**Economia: Ransomware attacks increase 2,000% since 2015: https://economia.icaew.com/en/news/december-2017/ransomware-attacks-increase-2000-since-2015

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Best of Breed Enterprise Security and Recovery Solutions to Protect Your Business

Data Security

Mitigating data exposure and loss, provides protection against the financial costs of an attack and the loss of brand reputation.


Security and privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, etc., can be accommodated using the right data security, authentication, and backup solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Protect your organization against data loss and downtime.

Protect Not Only Your Data but Your Business Too

Data-led business drives value, allowing your organization to innovate and manage change. Losing control of these data leaves your company vulnerable. Ensuring you have the most appropriate data security and disaster recovery in place, will ensure your business continues to drive value for your stakeholders and protects your customer base. 

Red8 Delivers Security Solutions Tailored to Your Organization’s Needs

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Red8 has a team of multi-disciplinary experts that look at your whole business to evaluate your security needs. This holistic approach, along with our next generation technology offerings, sets Red8 apart. We work with your company to assess your needs, applying our knowledge of the security space to create an effective security strategy. Being able to utilize cross-domain experts, means that Red8 has the right mix of knowledge, experience, and business understanding to design the right solution tailored for you. To add even further weight to our portfolio, Red8 has strategic relationships with some of the industry’s best security and data recovery technologies. This allows us to create an exact solution for your needs, ensuring business continuity and security. 

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