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In 2016, mobile device usage overtook laptop and desktop use for the first time*. In the business world, we have seen evidence of this as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has taken root in our workplace. Our businesses now rely on mobile devices on many levels; they enable remote working, allow field collaboration, improve productivity, and increase availability. They create an anywhere, anytime, playing field in industry, and to keep up a business has to be mobile. Enterprise Mobility Solutions, allow an organization to deploy and utilize a robust business mobility strategy to keep the company competitive and successful.

*Statcounter, Mobile and tablet internet usage exceeds desktop for first time worldwide

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions Create a Competitive Edge

Agile & Mobile Workforce

Mobility Solutions facilitate access to enterprise applications for a mobile workforce. A mobile workforce is agile and responsive.

Improved Productivity

Employees are not constrained by designated workstations. An intelligently planned mobility strategy can help to liberate employees allowing for more remote working opportunities and encouraging creativity.

Better Processes & Reduced Costs

Mobility Solutions provide secure access to the business’s applications and data on any device at any time.

Mobility Solutions Can Help You Connect with Customers

The mobile enterprise is an agile enterprise. An intelligently planned mobility strategy creates innovation and can transform the way a business connects with its customers. Your business should look to use business mobility to connect and build relationships with your customers. Customer relationship management is given a boost using a mobile-based approach. More on-the-fly customer-company relationships can be built and serviced using Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

Red8 Expertise Brings Out the Best in Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy

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Red8 has a team of experts who understand how to apply Mobility Solutions to give your company a competitive edge. The process of becoming mobile-enabled starts at the desktop by transformation at the infrastructure level.  The next challenge Red8 helps your organization to achieve is the seamless integration of BYOD. A further stage is about innovation and digital transformation – in other words, mobile workflow enablement. Red8 has the experience and knowledge to make your organization truly mobile-engaged, helping you to stay competitive and accelerate growth.

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