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The successful modern enterprise takes full advantage of available applications, including those in the Cloud. The average number of applications used by an organization varies, but around 62% of enterprises use Cloud applications to store, often sensitive, files*. Application Delivery Solutions ensure that your applications, whether they be a file collaboration system, a product management portal or an e-commerce web app, are delivered functioning efficiently, reliably, and in a controlled manner. A functioning app, correctly configured for access and usability, is likely to be more productive and ensures your business stays at the front of the competition.

*Eurostat, Cloud computing – statistics on the use by enterprises

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Lightning Speed and Ironclad Security

Better Application Performance

Optimizing your applications, optimizes your business processes. Application Delivery Solutions ensure scalability and functionality needs are met.

Fast Deployment

Faster deployment using Enterprise Application Delivery allows you to focus on your core business and stay ahead of the competition.

Data Security

Application Delivery Solutions ensure the implementation of robust security settings to meet data security and compliance needs.

Productivity Improvement and Cost Reductions

The use of Application Delivery Solutions has many benefits especially the improvement in productivity. Applications delivered with optimized scalability and performance, and that are able to be accessed from any location, will improve usability.  Cloud-based applications are not only more accessible, but also cost-effective, savings being made on maintenance and hardware.

Red8 For Optimized Application Implementation and Performance

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Red8 has a long track record of successfully helping companies of all sizes and types in achieving optimal application performance. Our knowledge of the cybersecurity and compliance landscape, also allows us to ensure that data is highly secure and compliant throughout the data lifecycle. Our team of experts will work with your organization to ensure a seamless and friction free application delivery that works across your entire organization.

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