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It’s a new world for IT. No longer simply in the business of assembling and supporting technologies, today’s IT professionals must work to deliver technical capabilities on the spot—with high levels of performance, reliability, and scalability that keep your business competitive. Cloud computing makes it possible.

But cloud done right is critical. Carefully selecting and seamlessly implementing the perfect solution is imperative to your specific business needs. Red8 experts have in-depth experience with the entire cloud spectrum—from private, to public, to hybrid—and can help you decide what’s best for your organization. More importantly, our innovative thinkers and doers will ensure your cloud environment is far above and beyond IT industry standards.

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Cloud Options

Private cloud, under your control.

Organizations with existing data centers, compliance challenges, or stringent business demands require a more controlled, private cloud environment. Our real-world data center experience across industries keeps top companies turning to us to fulfill their private cloud needs. Red8 experts have a proven and persistent ability to design innovative solutions that provide ultimate flexibility, scalability, and security, while keeping costs—and your data—under your control.

Private cloud as a service

Private cloud benefits are many, but implementation and management efforts bring their own set of challenges. We can ensure they’re minimal. Our extensive data center experience has made Red8 the go-to for private cloud services as needed—so you have the responsiveness and ease of the public cloud while retaining the security of your private cloud.

Hybrid Cloud, elastic and agile

Whether adjusting to accommodate seasonal influx or finding a cost-effective way to extend your infrastructure, Red8 can help you find the right hybrid cloud solution for your business expansion needs. Few systems integrators have the know how or capability to integrate public and private clouds effectively. We’re among those few.


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Cloud Enablement

Automate for efficiency

Routine tasks can cause time delays and errors that translate into lost revenue. Our highly accessible and effective approach to cloud automation can reduce, or even eliminate, routine tasks for your IT team. That means less time spent on trivial trouble-shooting and more time focused on high-impact initiatives.

Enhanced orchestration

Clouds are comprised of several components—from virtual to on-premise data center solutions, private to public accessibility, platform optimization, and many other specific features. With automated orchestration, Red8 can help the various components of your cloud work together seamlessly to ensure peak performances.

Non-stop management

Red8 provides management services 24/7, ensuring seamless uptime and performance for your organization while saving your valuable internal IT resources. Our services team can also improve time to resolution, forecast future needs, and optimize your cloud to perform at required capacity—through application demands, disaster recovery, and any other burdens placed on your cloud.

Converged Infrastructure

All together greater

Company infrastructures can be made up of many parts—from network and security foundations to rapidly expanding mobility and app systems. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of operational structures, so we can ensure your diverse technologies work together seamlessly for maximum performance—and maximum business returns.

Cloud Storage

It’s all about knowing data

Red8 has a long-standing reputation as one of the best in data storage management, and that expertise extends clear through to the cloud. Our experts have a deep understanding of regulatory compliance, retrieval, security and capacity requirements that apply to hardware virtualization for each cloud environment.

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