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Cloud computing is revolutionizing IT. Today’s technical experts need to deliver IT and business capabilities immediately, supported by high levels of performance, reliability, and scalability. Cloud computing makes it all possible.

The cloud is complicated, and if you want to get the most out of your cloud provider, you need to select, implement, and manage the right solution. Here at Red8. we have experience and expertise  across the entire cloud spectrum. Whether you need a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment, we can help.

Our engineers will give you the cloud advice and support you need to optimize your IT infrastructure, grow technical capabilities, and maintain a competitive advantage.

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Cloud Options

Maintain Complete Control with a Private Cloud

Organizations with existing data centers, compliance challenges, or strong security demands need the more controlled, secure environment that a private cloud provides. Our experts will design, deploy, and manage an innovative, private cloud solution that provides ultimate flexibility, scalability, and security. You keep your costs, and your data, under complete control.

Use Private Cloud as a Service

There are many benefits to the private cloud, but they come with challenging implementation and management requirements. We minimize the impact on your business by managing your private cloud on your behalf. Enjoy the responsiveness and ease of use of the public cloud, all while retaining the security and control of your private cloud.

Take Advantage of the Flexibility of a Hybrid Cloud

Mix cloud services or extend your local data center capacity through integrating via a hybrid cloud solution. Red8 can help you find a cost-effective, optimized hybrid cloud environment that’s perfect for your business expansion needs.


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Cloud Enablement

Automate Tasks for Efficiency

Manually inputting routine tasks can cause time delays and errors that impact your bottom line. Cloud automation can reduce or eliminate routine tasks for your IT team and wider workforce. That means you spend less time on low-value activities and can focus on high-impact, revenue-generating projects.

Enhance Orchestration Across Multiple Areas

All cloud environments are made up of several interdependent components. This includes virtual and on-premise data center solutions, private and public accessibility, platform optimization, and many other specific features. We’ll bring all of this together, make it effortless to manage, and enhance peak performance, through automated orchestration.

Enjoy Non-Stop Cloud Management

We provide management services 24/7 to ensure seamless uptime and performance across your organization, all while saving you valuable internal IT resources. Our expert cloud services team will reduce time to resolution, forecast future demands, and optimize cloud performance. We look a the big picture, ensuring you have the capacity for application demands, disaster recovery, and any other burdens placed on your cloud.

Converged Infrastructure

Together, We’re Greater

Company infrastructures are made up of multiple parts, from network and security foundations to rapidly expanding mobility and app systems. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of operational cloud services and infrastructure, so we can ensure your diverse technologies work together perfectly for maximum performance and business returns.

Cloud Storage

We Know Your Data

We’re experts in data storage management, and that experience means we can integrate your business strategy with all your cloud data needs. Our engineers have a deep understanding of regulatory compliance, retrieval, security and capacity requirements and apply that to hardware virtualization across all your cloud environments.

Why Choose Red8 for Your Cloud Solutions Needs?

We work with a range of best-in-class vendors to provide cloud services across public, private, and hybrid environments. Our vendors include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, vmware, and virtustream. Our cloud solutions provide ultimate flexibility, scalability, and security, while keeping costs—and your data—under your control.

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