Three Big Themes for 2015: Re-platform, Optimize and Virtualize

by | Feb 26, 2015 | Cloud, Data Center security, Data Management

Flash Storage, Hyper-Converged Storage and Software Defined Data Centers Take Center Stage
Costa Mesa, CA – February 26, 2015 – As virtualization technology continues to transform corporate information technology (IT), flash storage, hyper-converged infrastructure and software defined data centers, which generated significant buzz throughout 2014, will move beyond the hype this year as implementations accelerate and real business benefits are proven, according to the IT consulting firm, Red8.
Red8 recommends corporations focus on three key IT themes: re-platforming IT operations, optimizing the investment, and preparing for the benefits of full virtualization.
“The case for re-platforming IT and data center operations off a legacy environment has become undeniable.  The cost savings, performance, time to value and security are proven and beyond compelling.  Corporations can’t afford not to do this,” said Richard Heard, president of Red8. “And those that have already re-platformed, now need to focus on getting the most out of that investment by maximizing the efficiencies, automation capabilities and security benefits.”
Across the board, Red8’s medium and large enterprise customers are engaging in re-platforming projects that are quickly moving toward data centers with fully virtualized compute, networking and storage functions. The adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure greatly simplifies the architecture of virtual environments at a lower cost.
“We are as close to plug-and-play as we have ever been, and it is so exciting to be a part of the transformational results for many of our customers,” continued Heard.
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