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by | Feb 7, 2019 | Automation & Orchestration

Complete Technology Process Automation from Red8

Streamline Operations, Optimize Resources, and Work Better

IT automation and orchestration will revolutionize your business operations. Reduce waste, increase efficiency, and streamline how you work by automating tasks and managing complex, end-to-end processes through IT orchestration.
Create and run individual, low-value tasks using IT automation. Link lots of automated tasks together with orchestration to achieve a specific outcome. Automate and orchestrate tasks and processes across multiple cloud environments, technologies, applications, datasets, middleware, systems, and more.
Automating and optimizing one simple, standalone task may have a small effect, but it’s the aggregate impact of automation and orchestration of entire processes that will deliver major efficiencies. Your organization can take advantage of streamlined operations, cost savings, and more efficient use of both human and IT resources.

The Benefits of IT Automation and Orchestration

Fewer Human Errors and Less Rework

Eliminate the repetitive, low-value tasks that can often result in human error. Automate your administrative and data transfer operations to increase speed, quality, efficiency, and accuracy.

Allow Your Employees to Add Value

Offload tasks to automation and orchestration to free up employee time and focus on higher-impact work and initiatives. Reduce duplication and rework, add value for your customers, and enhance employee morale.

Greater Efficiencies and Competitive Advantage

Scale up and automate business processes to drive efficiencies and build your competitive advantage. Create a more productive workplace with improved processing, outputs, and integration.

Standardize Processes and Procedures

Boost business growth and standardize your procedures. Reduce defects and waste in business processes and meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

Who Can Benefit From IT Automation and Orchestration?

You might think that only large businesses and enterprises can benefit from automation and orchestration, but any size or type of organization will see big efficiency improvements. Business systems are becoming more complex and integrated, with lots of moving parts, so automating and streamlining operations is essential. IT budgets are being squeezed, and employers are expecting ever-greater productivity from their workforce.
IT automation and orchestration can put your operations on autopilot, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. This improves morale and lowers administrative overhead, freeing up employees. Your staff can refocus and retrain to work on core business competencies, value-added activities, and new project, product, and service development. This will enhance your competitive advantage, delight customers, and improve the bottom line.

Learn How Red8 Can Help

We’re experts at understanding your business processes and operations, then recommending the tasks and procedures that you can automate. We’ll analyze your organization to understand where automation and orchestration can add the most value. We work with you to implement process and technology changes into the cloud environment.
We have a long and proven track record of delivering fully automated self-service portals. We combine this with efficient processes to make onboarding, administration, customer service, and other operations much easier. We’ll make sure you get fast, reliable access to the automation expertise you need. We maximize physical, virtual, and cloud resource usage to reduce your CAPEX and OPEX costs. Increase efficiency and boost your profit margins by automating repetitive tasks, reducing human error, and standardizing your business processes.

Red8 has excellent relationships with some of the industry’s best cloud and technology vendors. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you automate your business.