Security is about achieving success.

We’ve all heard the security breach horror stories, and much of the fear is well grounded. Intrusions, data thefts, and a whole host of incidents happen every day—sometimes with negligible impact, other times catastrophic.

But along with security, effective business also requires agility, with instant data access and streamlined IT performance. So how does an organization achieve both? Red8’s answer to this question is different for each organization. It depends on everything from risk tolerance to industry requirements. We help organizations of all types and sizes achieve the right balance, ensuring their most critical data is protected—without compromising business performance.

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Security consulting services

Assessing the potential risks and rewards

A successful security strategy for your organization doesn’t start with a product recommendation in mind. At Red8, we utilize a methodology that looks holistically at all the critical factors—industry requirements, data vulnerability and value, internal and external threats, to name a few.

Our assessments include:

  • General security architecture assessment, where our experts compare your current environment to industry best practices.
  • Vulnerability assessment, to identify risks across all or part of your environment.
  • Incident response assessment, for clarity on processes and eradication and containment of breaches.
  • Cyber resilience assessment, to help ensure that your organization can respond to, and bounce back from, cyberattacks.

Ongoing expertise across the security spectrum

The security environment is always evolving, as are your business and IT needs. To ensure an effective response to that evolution, organizations of all sizes, across nearly every industry, engage with us in many ways.

  • Cybersecurity IT ecosystems are complex, covering a wide variety applications and opportunities for exploitation. Effectively protecting that entire ecosystem requires expertise across the whole gamut. We provide that expertise.
  • Information security. We help organizations protect data of all kinds, from identifiable personal information to high-value intellectual property, against all kinds of threats.
  • General security. From PCI remediation to firewall migrations to new product installations, Red8 expertise ensures that organizations are protected across the board.

Cyber resiliency

If you get knocked down, get right back up again

No organization, no matter how well protected and vigilant they are, is immune to attack. But the best organizations know how to minimize the impact. Our deep, long-term experience in both security and business continuity gives us an advantage in helping organizations bounce back effectively and efficiently.

Application Protection

As applications change, how you protect them should, too

Your employees, and even your customers, access your data using a huge range of applications—from CRM to ERP, from BYOD mobile to public cloud. Protecting this data requires a different approach, with rapid analysis and on-the-fly response. Our deep expertise in applications, networking, machine learning, and more, enables us to deliver this different approach.


Meet the mandates, no matter how complex

Mandates to comply with overlapping, technical and non-technical controls can be among an organization’s biggest challenges. We have deep understanding of these mandates, as well as leading expertise in security information and event management to help protect and measure data—so you can consistently maintain compliance in a cost-effective way.