Reduce Your Storage Stress

Relieve Data Pain Using Red8’s Managed Services for Storage

Data storage has reached new heights with 72% of organizations predicted to migrate from local storage to the cloud by 2022.* This is in line with the massive amounts of data organizations generate, store, share, and work with. The storage of all of these data has created pain points for the modern enterprise. Red8 offers a storage service solution to relieve this pain in the form of Red8’s Storage Managed Service. Managed services for storage offload the burden of daily storage operations so your business can focus on core value-added initiatives.

*Market Data Forecast, Cloud Storage Market Report to 2024:

The Benefits of Storage Managed Service

Streamlining data management and storage can help your organization:

Forecast Storage Spends

Having sight of expected storage spend helps to balance the books and ensure continued cash flow. Red8’s Storage Managed Service facilitates spend forecasts allowing your organization to plan strategically for future needs and optimizing your budget.

Reduce Management

Continuous monitoring of your storage needs is a baseline of Red8’s Managed Services for Storage. Beyond this, Red8 can offset labor, software, and hardware intensive processes using Red8’s streamlined data management platform. Your organization can then focus on your core business, allowing you to maintain a competitive edge

Adopt Today’s Best Practices

Red8’s storage experts are certified by today’s leading technology manufactures and adhere to stringent vendor best practices. These experts also understand emerging technologies and practices that can automate services and support.

Flexible Managed Services for Storage for All

Red8 recognizes that not every business needs the same level of storage. To accommodate all types of business, we have developed three tiers, each flexible enough for the modern enterprise. Our Basic, Standard, and Premium tiers all offer best-of-breed tools and follow best practices to monitor a customer’s storage 24×7. Regular notifications of alerts and reporting is an option across all plans. The Standard and Premium tiers offer service enhanced maintenance, including patching, dot release upgrades, root cause analysis, more. The Premium service takes Storage Services to new levels of excellence with workflow optimization, Problem/ Incident/ Change management, information security management, and continuous service improvement.

Red8 augments Managed Services for Storage with advanced consulting, offering systems integration, and complete storage lifecycle management.

Red8 Delivers
Flexible Storage

Red8 works with some of the world’s technology leaders for our storage managed service. This includes NetApp, Dell EMC, and Pure Storage. Together with these world-class storage services, Red8 delivers the flexible storage needs for businesses in a highly competitive world. The Red8 team has the experience and knowledge to tailor your storage needs, taking key requirements, and building an environment that works for your organization, no matter how your storage needs change over time. Red8 will plan, design, and assess your IT infrastructure and data and compliance requirements. This intelligence is used to choose the perfect storage solution for your business. Implementation and setup, as well as technology refresh and data migration, are all part of the Red8 commitment to delivering excellence in storage services.

Managing the Entire Employee Device Lifecycle

Recently, Red8 had the opportunity to help a northeast financial institution store, deploy and manage all employee devices for over 150 locations. The devices were stored, imaged and patched in our 37,000 sq ft technology center centrally located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The client was able to consolidate their billing of these devices to one vendor and create  a predictable budget, freeing up monetary and personnel resources.


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