The Benefits of a Hybrid AWS Cloud Integration

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides robust, wide-ranging, comprehensive feature sets for any type of cloud migration. If you’re planning to implement hybrid cloud technology, AWS can integrate with other public clouds, private clouds, or on-premise data centers to create a customized solution that fits your business and technology goals.

Key Benefits of Building a Hybrid Cloud Solution with AWS

AWS provides several major benefits for your hybrid cloud, including:

  • Easy migration of applications and data to a secure, public cloud infrastructure.
  • Extended data center functionality with scalable AWS cloud infrastructure that supports and builds on on-premise data center capabilities.
  • Take advantage of built-in, native cloud infrastructure features.
  • Move applications and data closer to customers for better availability, responsiveness, and resilience.
  • Introduce complete data backup and recovery for complete business continuity.
  • On-demand cloud-based scalability and flexibility.
  • Easier cost control due to on-demand pricing.

Why Your Organization Might Choose a Hybrid Cloud with AWS

There’s one compelling reason that most organizations don’t move to a complete public or private cloud solution straight away — legacy IT infrastructure, data, or applications. Many IT systems and applications need extensive re-engineering, coding, and development to work properly in a cloud environment.
You can start migrating platform-agnostic applications and data to begin with and prove the business case of moving to AWS. Then, once you have the resources in place, you can update your legacy IT and move those elements across in a controlled, risk-free way.
This makes an AWS hybrid cloud a natural extension of, rather than a replacement for, your existing IT assets. Then, as your local assets age, or are no longer fit-for-purpose, you can gradually decommission them and migrate those applications to AWS.

AWS Hybrid Cloud Database and Storage Capabilities

The AWS cloud can supplement your on-premise data storage and management. This allows you to store data across several locations, both locally and in the cloud. Additionally, you can expand offsite storage capacity and easily create duplicate datasets for development and testing. AWS cloud storage provides complete backup and recovery capabilities to easily restore data in the event of catastrophic data loss. AWS offers 99.999% availability and resilience, together with data encryption.

AWS Integrated Networking as a Foundation for a Hybrid Cloud

An AWS hybrid cloud solution lets you easily link together your on-premise and cloud infrastructure through a common, resilient, high-capacity network. This extends access to all environments across the enterprise, and makes it fast and easy to work with AWS resources — they effectively become a fully-integrated part of your IT ecosystem.

AWS Identity and Access Management

Naturally, authenticating user credentials and authorizing access is a critical part of deploying a public or hybrid cloud infrastructure. AWS allows for granular access controls, providing permissions and access down to an individual level. AWS integrates with your existing identity and access management solution, together with Microsoft Active Directory or other role-based administrative controls.

Resourcing and Deployment on an AWS Hybrid Cloud

Sophisticated enterprise technology requires a hybrid cloud infrastructure that can meet business demands. AWS uses a deep VMWare integration to allow VMWare workloads to run seamlessly in the AWS hybrid cloud environment. Additionally, all AWS cloud services are fully-scalable, so engineers can easily spin up , amend, or decommission infrastructure as needed to allow for fully-managed development, testing, pre-production, and operational environments.

Getting Data and Applications Close to Users via an AWS Hybrid Cloud

AWS also offers complete “Edge” computing capabilities, putting your applications and data close to where your end users will access them. This speeds up application access across any device, resulting in better user adoption and increased productivity.

Red8 is Your Expert for AWS Hybrid Cloud Integrations and Migrations

Here at Red8, we’re experts in implementing and managing AWS hybrid cloud services. We’ll help you prepare for hybrid cloud migration, setup all the services you need, and provide oversight and management to help you get the most out of your hybrid cloud environment. Want to know more? Just get in touch.